The Blueprint Of More Money

A blueprint is a plan that guides one’s actions in a particular direction to achieving a pre-determined goal. Some of us have a financial blueprint plan for our life and finances, others do not. For those that do have a blueprint it may not always be designed in the right way. Our actions may be out of alignment with our goals. Or our goals could not be well established or accurate. We may even have a blueprint without realizing it. If we grew up in a poor household for example, we may grow up to think that money is scarce and we don’t deserve more. These types of limiting thoughts all affect the blueprint we make for ourselves.

Without a blueprint, we generally live paycheck to paycheck and hope everything will be ok and that the government will take care of us. Or that we will receive a big inheritance. What works for one person does not work for another. We are all so very different with different wants and needs for life.

We all need our personal blueprints designed in a way that best suit our personal strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes, wants and needs. A well-set blueprint will set the most efficient path for you to achieve all your life goals using money as the vehicle to achieve this. Money should not be the end goal. Money is just a vehicle that can be used to help you achieve your personal goals out of life. A good blueprint will make the most of every dollar to help you get there faster, without any sacrifice of happiness. If you are like me, your new money blueprint may even add to your life satisfaction.


Reasons to tale the ‘BLUEPRINT OF MORE MONEY’ course:

  • Make more money

  • Master your money

  • Multiply your money

  • Live life on your terms


Finances are very personal. What one person wants from their money; another person may want the opposite. No two blueprints are the same. What motivates one person, does not motivate another. A good money coach understands this and can give individualized advice tailored to someone’s personal situation and goals. There is so much advice on the internet and the news and a lot of it is general in nature. “Buy this stock”. “Don’t buy a house now”. “Save this much for retirement”. They don’t know your situation.  They don’t know what you want. It is hard to select from ALL the information a few nuggets that apply to you. What is good advice for one person may be terrible advice for another person.


I can help you filter through all the information to help you make the best decisions for your own personal situation. Whether you already have your own blueprint but just need a couple of questions answered or you need to start from the beginning setting your goals and drawing your blueprint. I can help regardless of what stage you are on your journey. All I need from you is an open mind to make changes and apply yourself.  Maybe you just need someone to tell you that you are on the right path. I will not make all your decisions for you. I am a coach, not an adviser. But I will arm you with enough applicable advice and lifelong skills for you to be confident in making your own decisions.  I am teaching you to fish, instead of giving you the fish.