Masters of Money Program (MMP)

Hello, my name is Oludayo Adeniyi, I help professionals and entrepreneurs manage, master and multiply their money so they can achieve time and financial freedom.

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Are you tired of your current financial situation and desire more?


You have tried everything you know but still not adding up?


Hmmmmm…….. I feel you because I was once in your shoes.


You don’t have to be too hard on yourself. It’s really not your fault.


You can’t ignore the fact that nobody taught you about money, hence, everything you have learnt has been through trial and error from your environment, school, family, religious institutions, etc. This has led to the frustrations in your finances.


The Masters of Money Program (MMP) was specially designed with you in mind. This is a systematic approach to help you activate the right mindset and framework for managing, mastering, and multiplying your money so you can build lasting wealth.


It involves very practical and easy steps for you to gain control over your finances. This isn’t just one of those programs, this is the program that will transform your life and set you on the pathway to abundance.


Program Starts on October 1st – October 31st, 2020. It’s virtual so location isn’t a barrier. You can connect from any part of the world.

This 4 weeks Group Coaching Program consists of:

  1. 4 X 90 minutes group coaching calls
  2. Access to the Blueprint of More Money (BMM) Online Course
  3. Practical templates to help you structure your income
  4. Mind Works
  5. Live Q &A
  6. Expert Review & Feedback

Additional Benefits

  1. 2 Months Access to The Blueprint of More Money Online Course
  2. A Community of like Minds
  3. Secrets to a Wealthy Life Style
  4. Tips to making money in the new normal and much more

Think about this, you have been working hard, why shouldn’t you be able to live the lifestyle of your choice? It’s time for you to take control of your life.


Taking control of your finances isn’t rocket science, it is a process that can be learnt. Why don’t you avail yourself of this opportunity and save yourself a life of struggles and lack?


  • 4 90 minute Group Coaching Calls valued @ N45,000/session  #180,000
  • The Blueprint of More Money Online Course                             #100,000
  • Practical Templates to Structure Your Income                          #100,000

Total                                                                                    #380,000


This program is valued at =N=380,000. However, because I want to help more people take control of their finances so they can achieve time and financial freedom, I have decided to make this accessible to more people only for a limited time.


You can access the Masters of Money Group Coaching Program at a discounted price of =N=80,000. This is definitely a steal!

Discounted Fee