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Masters of Money Program


The Blueprint of More Money is an intense and hands-on program to provide participants will relevant information on how to Manage, Master and Multiply their money on their journey to financial freedom.

Its comprises of 6 modules

  • Introduction
  • Module 1: Your Mind Your Money
  • Module 2: Your Wealth Management
  • Module 3: Wealth Management
  • Module 4: Wealth Mapping
  • Module 5: Wealthy Lifestyle
  • Module 6: Execution


The Masters of Money Program (MMP) was specially designed with you in mind. This is a systematic approach to help you activate the right mindset and framework for managing, mastering, and multiplying your money so you can build lasting wealth.

It involves very practical and easy steps for you to gain control over your finances. This isn’t just one of those programs, this is the program that will transform your life and set you on the pathway to abundance.

This 4 weeks Group Coaching Program consists of:

4 X 90 minutes group coaching calls
Access to the Blueprint of More Money (BMM) Online Course
Practical templates to help you structure your income
Mind Works
Live Q &A
Expert Review & Feedback


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