As a financial intelligence enthusiast, Oludayo Adeniyi is enthusiastic about helping young people develop sound financial literacy skills early in life.

Many adults today who’re neck deep in financial struggles are mostly those without strong foundations in financial literacy. Hence, parents should ensure their children don’t fall into such strain. That’s the main reason for the financial literacy coaching for young people – most especially Teens.

The financial literacy training for Teenagers is important because it would determine the future for these young minds. They’ll learn how to begin to generate wealth at an early life stage.

The financial literacy coaching is broken down into chunks easily digestible by young people. This program is indeed a pathway to the future. It’s shaped to build a new breed of young people who are financially savvy.

The course would raise a new generation of young people who can turn little to more; youths who can multiply their financial opportunities.

The financial literacy coaching for teens is a place every young person should be. I’m excited indeed to present this class to the new generation of young people in Nigeria and beyond